Number Flash Cards 0 to 10 [3 pages]


Print out these cute Number Flash Cards on good quality card stock <- click on the blue link to see which one I recommend. Cut out one set and put the other set in a folder.

This is the perfect activity for pre-K and K learners to learn their numbers. There are ice cream cones under each number to demonstrate that number, from 0 to 10.

There are 3 pages in total, with a large number on each flash card for easy reading and learning.

Number Flash Card Features:

  • US and A4 paper size – be sure to set your printer to ‘fit’ the page before printing
  • Print-ready PDF file – download, print and use them right away

What’s Included In This Number Flash Card Pack?

  • A 3 page PDF file with all numbers from 0 to 10 on flash cards
  • Print them out and cut them out
  • All numbers from zero to ten are provided, with the corresponding number of ice cream cones below the number
  • This is a digital file that you can download – no physical product will be shipped to you.


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