Easy Sudoku Puzzle Games 51-60

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These printable easy (beginner level) Sudoku puzzles are perfect for kids, students and adults to solve.

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to play Sudoku or a teacher who needs a game for a small group of kids, these printable puzzles will save the day.

There are instructions at the beginning of the book, which is delivered as a PDF straight to your inbox. If you know how to play Sudoku, then you can jump right in!

All the answers and solutions to the puzzles are at the end of the PDF, so you’ll never have an unfinished puzzle.

Sudoku Game Features

  • US and A4 paper size – be sure to set your printer to ‘fit’ the page before printing
  • Print-ready PDF file – download, print and play right away
  • 10 Easy Sudoku puzzles to solve for beginners
  • 1 large-print puzzle per page for easy reading


Print one copy of the Sudoku Games PDF for each person and have pencils and erasers ready.

There are instructions on the first page explaining how to play Sudoku and solve the puzzles.

A Sudoku puzzle has some numbers filled in, and the game is played by finding the right number for each empty block. All the numbers in the columns, rows and squares must have the numbers 1-9 in this 9×9 format.

The game is done when you have 1-9 in every row, column and square.

What’s Included In These Sudoku Puzzles?

  • A thirteen page PDF file with instructions on how to play Sudoku, 10 Sudoku puzzles and their solutions
  • This is a digital file that you can download – no physical product will be shipped to you.
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